Vegan Dark Chocolate “Peppermint Patties”



For those of us living in the northeast or cooler climates, we now are stepping deeper into winter.  The days seems shorter with less light and there is a nurturing and internal facet of this time of year.  I’ve been reflective and thoughtful about this new year and love finding ways to find comfort in the simple things.  A hot bath, a cup of herbal tea, a nourishing meal or a delicious yummy treat.

I died a little to be honest when I took a bite of one of these and I’m being serious!  These are just the right combination of peppermint and chocolate.  They make the perfect pick me up in the afternoon with a cup of tea and they really satisfy that desire for something sweet or special.  They are vegan, grain free and paleo so they span a myriad of diets.  What I love most though is how simple they are to make.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Double boiler or 2 pots of equal size

Cupcake liners

A 1 dozen muffin tin

Measuring cups

Measuring spoons



2 cups organic cocoa butter

Pinch of sea salt

2 tsp peppermint extract

1 cup unsweetened shredded organic coconut flakes

3 tbs organic real maple syrup

5 to 6 of your favorite dark chocolate bars chopped into pieces for melting (I used 85% Green & Blacks chocolate but but you can use whatever you like)


Take your muffin tin and line all dozen with the cupcake liners.  Set aside briefly.

Take a double boiler or two pots of the same size.  Place water in the pot that will be on the bottom, then place the other pot on top.  Add all of the dark chocolate bars and place your stove top to medium heat.  Once the chocolate bars are melted use a spatula and pour a small portion into the bottom of each muffin tin (approx. 1/4 inch).

Once you have poured chocolate in all of the muffin tins set aside briefly.   Use a spatula now to pour the rest of the chocolate into a bowl and set aside briefly.  Wash your double boiler and then set back up once again.  Add the cocoa butter and place heat on your stove top to medium.  The cocoa butter will begin to melt slowly.  As it is melting, add a pinch of sea salt and the peppermint extract.  Once it is fully melted add the coconut flakes and use the spatula to combine.  Take the cocoa butter mixture and using your spatula evenly add to each of the muffin tins over the dark chocolate till all of them are filled.  Place your muffin tin in the freezer for 30 minutes so the cocoa butter layer can set up like the below photo.

Now take the rest of the melted chocolate and pour evenly into each muffin tin over the cooled cocoa butter mixture so that essentially the cocoa butter layer is the middle layer.  Sprinkle a touch of sea salt over each one (optional) and then place in the freezer for 3o minutes till they are nice and firm.  Store in an airtight glass container in the refrigerator or freezer (your preference)  for up to 8-9 days.  Enjoy!


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