The Heartfelt Cookbook

People often ask me how this cookbook got started.  Cooking has always been an intrinsic part of who I am from a young age. You can read more about my about story at .  For me, it is a meditative practice where I just get an inspiration and then I act on it.  I have always been inspired by nature and what is coming into season.  Sustainable, seasonal, organic food is really important to me.  I think our connection with real food and cooking can be one of the most rooted ways we can connect with nature and ourselves. Real food just tastes better, makes you feel better and it does this because it truly is a part of nature.  Our bodies were designed and meant to eat it.

A few years ago, my husband asked me why I wasn’t writing any of my recipes down.  I thought about the daunting task of doing this.  I then got thinking and particularly I got thinking about my children and their possible desire to have these recipes in print for their own future.  I truly believe cooking is one of the most amazing sensory experiences and a beautiful way for children to connect with nature. When kids are able to touch, taste and connect with food at home, these memories stay with them and leave a historical imprint.  I liken it to an old folktale that you remember and then pass down from generation to generation.  I know for me, food as always imprinted so many lasting memories and connections that will stay with me for my lifetime.

Well I did take my husbands advice and spent a complete winter writing down all of the recipes that had been swirling around in my brain for years.  Hence, The Heartfelt Cookbook was born.  I have two copies that will never be touched or sold as they are saved for my children for when they are all grown up.  I hope these recipes will be cherished and enjoyed in their own homes one day with rich memories.  I have always said may it fill your home with full bellies, delicious aromas and happy hearts.

It is my wish to do this for all people and my cookbook can be pre ordered now directly through me by submitting a from under contacts at .  They go fast so secure your copy now.  They are $45 which includes shipping within the United States.  I truly believe food should never taste “healthy”. It truly should be an experience that nourishes and connects us in a way that deepens our mind, body, and spirit.  We can all do this it just requires some tools.  As a chef, I am here to help with that.

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