Local Chicken Thighs with White Wine, Lemon, Olives and Fresh Herbs

This is so easy to do and absolutely delicious! It is great as an every day family meal or fantastic when entertaining.

8 Local Organic Chicken Thighs ( with the skins on )

1 Tbs Organic Cultured Grass Fed Butter

2 Tbs Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

The Juice of One Organic Lemon

1 Organic Lemon Washed and Sliced

1 tbs Raw Local Honey

1 Cup Organic Olives ( a variety of  green and black not pitted )

2 Cups White Wine

4 Sprigs Fresh Organic Thyme Washed

2 Sprigs Fresh Organic Rosemary Washed

1 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Preheat oven to 400

*Chefs Note: You will need a oven safe cast iron pan*

Salt and Pepper both sides of your chicken thighs. Then place your cast iron pan on the stove top placing the heat on medium. Add olive oil and butter. Once butter is just melted add chicken thighs with the skin sides down.  Cook approx 6 minutes then flip the thighs over and cook an additional 6 minutes on other side ( skins should be golden brown).

Now drizzle thighs with honey, then deglaze the pan with the juice of one lemon and white wine.  Reduce heat to low and then add fresh thyme, rosemary, olives and lemon slices.  Cook on low heat with the top off for approx. 6 minutes then remove from heat.

Place in the oven with the top on at 400 for 15 minutes then reduce heat to 350 for approx. 25 minutes more. Serve on its own with a big salad or we love this dish with basmati rice and sautéed garlicky greens such as Swiss chard. Make sure to spoon the copious amounts of the glorious sauce over the dish when serving.

Enjoy! – Chef Emery ❤️ Oxox

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